Special Projects

Our Special Projects division handles emerging technologies that are not already served by one of our other divisions.  Two of these areas are Physical and Cyber Security. Kinetic Ops can analyze your physical security of buildings with respect to various intrusion techniques against gates, doors, and locks and recommend changes.  On the Cyber side, we evaluate computer hardware and software against attacks on personal and corporate systems.  This is an ever-changing arena with new threats being discovered every day.  For those seeking to battle corporate espionage or protect intellectual company property, we can show you how to reduce your cyber fingerprint throughout the internet. Let your marketing department promote your company, for everything else we will keep your internet traffic private and secure.


Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) are used throughout Kinetic Ops to protect the intellectual property and patent rights of our customers and company.  We are purposely vague when asked what we do because we consider all project specifics and testing information to be on a need-to-know basis. Encrypted voice, text, and email are used throughout Kinetic Ops to ensure privacy of all projects.