Small Arms Research

Kinetic Ops conducts Small Arms research into battlefield weapons and technology of .50 caliber and below.  Our primary focus is advanced weapons and technology systems of a transformational nature.  These systems are cutting edge and intended to be true force multipliers in the way armed conflict is conducted.

We look at everything within the kill chain.  If it helps the warfighter do the job faster, with more accuracy, while weighing less; we are interested in it. We work very carefully to ensure the human machine interface (HMI) is completely intuitive while maintaining a small training and logistical footprint.  We believe when you pick up a piece of equipment, you should not need an owner's manual to figure out how to use it.  It should be obvious how to use it and keep it from hurting you. Every design is evaluated to keep the size, weight, and power requirements as low as possible while maintaining the form, fit, and function required to get the job done.  The end game is reaching the desired outcome with the least amount of time, energy, or resources expended.  For those ops employing ordnance, this will result in quicker kills at short range or more accurate kills at long range.

We are also concerned with ops that do not employ ordnance.  This includes non-lethal or less-lethal systems and those employed for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance.

Effects-Based Weapon Systems Solutions

For whatever target you have, you seek a certain effect on it and/or the surrounding area. We help determine if the weapon system you selected will have a high probability of success for the intended effect.  If not, we can tell you why or help build the system that will.  We start at the end solution and work backwards using an analysis matrix to provide the desired effect on the intended target. We also include within the matrix if collateral damage is allowed. In the end, you want the intended effect; nothing more, nothing less and we can help you achieve that.